Rep. Larson Makes Statement About 2100 Act

Press Release
Image via Pixabay

Congressman John Larson has released a press statement about the Social Security 2100 Act and the 2020 Social Security Trustees Report.

He calls on Congress to guarantee “Social Security is fully funded and strengthened for today’s seniors and future generations, who will need it even more.”

Larson says his legislation, the Social Security 2100 Act, will “ensure Social Security remains solvent for the next 75+ years, while expanding benefits.” He adds that in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, “the expansion of Social Security’s steady monthly payments would be an automatic boost to the economy.”

Now is the time to pass the Social Security 2100 Act. As Congressman Larson points out in his statement, “Social Security’s role is even more important than ever.”

Please CLICK HERE to sign our petition calling for the passage of the Social Security 2100 Act.

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