Rep. Larson’s Article on the 2100 Act

Two Quarters
Image via Pixabay

Last year, Congressman John Larson wrote an article on about the legislation he sponsored, the Social Security 2100 Act. His article is as relevant today as the day it was posted.

Larson writes, to save the Social Security system, we must “either raise revenue (as the Social Security 2100 Act does gradually over time in a commonsense way) or cut benefits.” He cites a Gallup poll in which Americans consistently say they would rather pay more than see Social Security benefits cut.

The Social Security 2100 Act is the answer to the problems the Social Security system is facing. Larson writes that his legislation will “strengthen and protect Social Security moving forward into the next century.”

The increase in taxes, just “an extra 50 cents a week each year,” is minuscule compared to the benefits reaped by preserving the Social Security system for decades to come.

Larson warns that if nothing is done, “it’s a de facto plan for automatic cuts.”

This would be a disaster for hardworking seniors who earned their Social Security benefits.

And it’s not just current beneficiaries who need the Social Security 2100 Act. Larson says that millennials, “burdened by overwhelming student debt and higher housing costs,” will need it even more than their parents.

The time is now to pass the Social Security 2100 Act. Congress’s session is ending soon and the legislation must be brought up for a vote before it’s too late. We can’t afford to wait.

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